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STRADA.TRACK is a market leading solution for wireless-enabled, real-time fleet management designed to help large fleet operators as well as owner/operators of small to mid-sized fleets monitor and manage fleet operations and assets in real-time.
STRADA.TRACK provides solutions for commercial, personal and government organizations. Our clients who manage and operate large fleets, and who seek to enhance customer service, improve the security of their drivers and vehicles, and lower business costs.

  • Full mapping interface to various applications including Google, Map24, OpenLayers Etc.
  • Comprehensive reports providing relevant vehicle, driver and routing information
  • Extensive Geofence feature set
  • Real-time notification alerts when events have been triggered (e.g. Geofence crossing, after-hours usage)
  • Real-time display of vehicle position,speed and direction.
  • Provide automatic access to all fleet location and vehicle usage data to increase productivity and efficiency.
  • Know where your vehicle is at all times, increase the security of your assets by generating alerts once a vehicle crosses a user-defined Geofence.
Fleet & Asset tracking

Real time GPS tracking of Multiple vehicles allows youto make better decisions about your fleet.

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Personal Vehicle Tracking

A personal tracking system that can allow you to monitor your vehicles and locate your loved ones in any emergency.

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Support Market Policy

A highly skilled local team available for installations, after market sales support and training.

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